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Four urban nomads from different walks of life embark upon a wondrous but grueling journey in an effort to showcase the natural and cultural beauty of Kenya.


The Team

Acacia Aggarwal

East and Central Africa Taekwondo champion who has represented Kenya internationally. She is full of life and radiates a vibrant persona and often shares her extensive knowledge of the outdoors with the group. Her simple and straight to the point type of character brings a balance to the group dynamic in fight or flight situations.

Anthony Njuguna

A stormy silence brews inside a pragmatic mind. Tony is an enigmatic mix of intelligence, imagination and innovation. Grounded by farming, elevated by tech and liberated by the allure of venturing into the wild.

Annah Wughanga

The village girl next door who went on to win the coveted title of Miss Tourism Kenya 2013/2014. Whimsical and impulsive, she sees serenity as a moving object. Her passion for travel is taking her back into an adventure where she can find her bare feet again.

Sham Patel

His rugged and athletic nature combined by the storm of passionate anger is overshadowed by his love for all that moves especially ants and an equal approach for all, you may call him a libertarian by night and a giver by day. An avid traveler and all round creative who would like others to see Kenya through his eyes.


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A four-letter word beginning with L

A four-letter word beginning with L I’ve travelled to many places. Put many markers on the map. I’ve seen cities that shine with electric light. And mountains that tell time. Lakes that sparkle like lost silver pieces carelessly thrown on the earth. In all the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve encountered, the sunrises and sunsets I’ve watched… My heart was left in lovely Lamu. Lamu is like a lost […]

North Kenya Expedition Part 2

North Kenya Expedition Part 2 Encountering the El Molo on the Jade Sea by Olilanna Continued from Part 1>> …The road is treacherous. With sudden drops and loose gravel, It is advised to drive at a slow and manageable pace. A few minutes past nine pm we are finally driving through Loiyangalani town. We are unsure of where Malabo Guest house is but we meet a Good Samaritan on the […]

North Kenya Expedition Part 1

North Kenya Expedition Part 1 Time Travel Into Ancient Lands by Olilanna 30 Sep 2016 11:00 am Day One! Nairobi-Charanna Farm On the way!   We are in Kirinyaga county right now.The road is smooth and the landscape keeps getting better and better.We just crossed the Tana River and into Sagana. An interesting thing is that The Nairobi/Nyeri highway passes through Kirinyaga,Machakos and Embu counties in about five minutes! On […]

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